Pennsylvania has recently changed immunization requirements for school-age children. Under the new statewide requirements, all school-age children must obtain all their required vaccinations within the first five days of school.

WellSpan is urging parents to contact their child’s primary care provider as soon as possible to ensure children are vaccinated before the start of the school year. Parents who are unsure of the requirements or which vaccines their child may need are also urged to call their pediatrician or family doctor.

Need to Know

  • All school-aged children must now receive vaccinations within the first five days of school.

  • Vaccination requirements have changed. Ensure your child's vaccinations are up-to-date.

  • Parents are urged to schedule vaccine appointments with their child's doctor early to avoid delays when school starts.

  • Students who do not have the proper vaccines, medical plans or exemptions may be excluded from school.

  • There are sets of immunizations required for entrance to school, 7th grade and 12th grade. Vaccines continue to be required in each succeeding school year.

Don't Have a Doctor?

If your child does not have a pediatrician or family doctor, WellSpan can help:

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Schedule immunizations early

Pennsylvania school vaccination requirements have changed

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